Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

I dont simply change myself just to fit in and I dont write just to please.
But in the end, silently, im the one who gives in.
People may assume me to be weird and independent. And people are wrong. HEHE
-That's me

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

My love for photography and a soft spot for animals

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“life will be better in spring”
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Saturday, April 16, 2016 || 8:14 AM

Change is necessary ... and it begins with how you think.: Knowing that we could track our previous deleted post made me spend some time reading them. Partly because I want to know how I have changed, but mainly to see what I have forgotten about myself. Even if a drawing is erased, the marks are left. Either left covered with dust or redrawn with a more meaningful ones.

Well, im glad that upon reading, some thoughts written in history were answered. Perhaps not in a direct way but by the years it took to finally come back to these questions, as someone that is more mature, experienced and better developed.